Your Instructor

Douglas L. Perry (Doug) is an industry veteran and published author of numerous engineering textbooks. He has a BSEE from SDSU and all classes toward an MSCS from Santa Clara University. 

He has worked most of his career in either creating IC devices or teaching others how to do it. He is most famous for "VHDL" from McGraw Hill. 

He started working in Artificial Intelligence in 2008. His first project was analyzing sports motion using Hidden Markov models. Specifically he built models for golf swings, baseball swings, and tennis serves. After that he worked with a number of makeup experts to analyze facial structure to determine how best to apply makeup. 

He realized even back then that training times were too long and increasing so he built an FPGA accelerator to speed training and inference times. 

Since then he has built numerous models in the security space, financial space, agricultural and sensor augmentation spaces. 

Most recently he has become an expert in Google TensorFlow and trained hundreds of engineers in partnership with the Embedded Vision Alliance. In fact Google has made Doug a Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Machine Learning.